Swat process and update

Ross Burton <ross@...>

Hi all,

We've had two weeks of Swat being back in action now and I think it's
progressing well on the whole. I've made several edits to the wiki
page[1] to clarify the process, specifically:

* Calling out that the coverage is from the "end of Friday". This is
deliberately vague to avoid having to play games with timezones, but
basically the person on Swat duty is relieved at the end of day on
Friday. This means that the incoming person is responsible for any
failures that happened over the weekend. I'll be talking to Stephen
shortly so that he can handle the rotation, and we'll send the
notification of who is next on call on Thursday so that there is time
to arrange an alternative if required.

* Reiterating that everyone looking at the builds should be updating
the build log on failures.

Myself and Richard have been designing a replacement for the buildlog
but this hasn't progressed to actual code yet. If anyone is
interested in assisting writing a Django webapp then please let us

Finally, can everyone please ensure that they've added themselves to
the wiki page[1]. This is a test that you are reading the list and
have a wiki account: both requirements to do Swat! :). If you know
anyone else who would be a good fit for the Swat team (just roughly 30
minutes a day, for a week, every few months) then get in touch.


[1] https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Build_Failure_Swat_Team