Introducing "SwatBot"

Richard Purdie

Hi All,

I have some good news, the SWAT django app I've talked about is nearing
completion and will soon be ready to use. We now have a live instance
and are checking how it works with live data from the autobuilder.

It is a bit ugly and rough around the edges but it should be able to
display a list of the things SWAT need to attend too and allow them to
be marked as resolved, tracking the resolutions. This should mean that
the process is easier for the person doing SWAT and for us to make sure
nothing gets "lost" during handovers etc.

Source code is available:
and the notifier plugin that connects to buildbot:

I'm expecting that where it isn't doing what we need, we should be able
to get it into shape in relatively short order.

Alexandre and Bootlin are now coming up to speed and will be taking
over leading the SWAT process and as part of that, helping get the app
working for everyone. I think Alexandre will issue accounts to people
on SWAT as we rotate through the list.

Over the last week I've been worried some issues haven't been
logged/handled so I made a note of the ones we need to check have been

meta-arm edk2 intermittent failure needs bug:

update ltp bug:

need a bug for slow boot failure intermittent issue?:
(was it slow, have we more logs, may be too late now?)

intermittent ptest warnings, need to updates to bugs so we can track

bitbake timeout bug needs updating adding this?

should be a multiprocess bug somewhere, add or reopen?

qemuarm64 shutdown bug

ping test fail:

mips backtrace:

There were a ton more failures but I think I've responded/handled the
others. I'll admit to focusing on getting the app done since I think it
should improve this process so much and help everyone.