Failed qemu bugs - notes for SWAT

Richard Purdie

I have some good news. Now that we have merged the rcu stall crash fix:

I think that the cause of some of our qemu hangs under higher IO load
should be fixed. As such, I've gone through and closed out a number of qemu
AB-INT bugs that look like they're related to this.

If we do see anything that looks like some of the closed issues recur, I'd
suggest opening new bugs as the older ones are becoming unwieldy and it is
hard to tell what may have been the rcu stall and what wasn't.

For any new testimage/qemu failures, please do try and capture and include
the qemu boot log from WORKDIR/testimage/qemu_*.log if it isn't printed on the
console log. If you don't have access, ping someone who does. It is looking to
be of key importance that we get those logs. We have improved some of the code
paths but we're not quite there yet for some failure paths.

I also closed out the ltp bugs since we do have a fix there at least for the 
most common hang. I suspect there is still an arm hang lurking somewhere so
if we see that, it should have its own new bug (ping Alex or me too please as 
we'd like to poke at the hung build).