SWAT statistics for week 04

Alexandre Belloni


I've been looking at what happened this week, I'm pretty sure the number
of triaged failures is not a proper metric because of the number of
repetition of a single issue so I tried to dig a bit deeper:

953 failures were reported,
* 347 were triaged by Richard
- 62 because of oeqa priority patches breaking things, Richard sent
a mail
- 285 for 3 cancelled builds he handled himself

* 606 were triaged by me
- 96 were not to be triaged (swatbot filter those yet)
- 100 were cancelled builds without any other issue (also, swatbot
doesn't filter those yet)
- 2 for misconfigured builds
- 2 were new bugs: 14198 and 14208
- 89 were added to existing bugs as new occurrences of 13802, 13935, 14028, 14029, 14181
- 12 were handled by sending 7 replies to the mailing lists, 4 from
Richard, 3 from me
- 45 were fixed by 2 commits already in tree at the time there were triaged
- 11 were due to the qmp patch and being handled by Saul
- 55 were due to the autoconf upgrade and are/were handled by
- 14 were a warning for fuzz on the at patches solving the autoconf upgrade
- 1 was handled in meta-oe
- 3 were an issue with the sudo archive being 0 byte on the mirror,
this has been handled by Michael Halstead
- 176 were issues already being handled by Richard: mesa
dependencies, multiple rdepends default value issues, ...
-> in those I found a warning in meta-intel and I sent a patch to fix it


Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering