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Naveen Saini

Hi all,


I am new to this process, but I can go after Alejandro.





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Hello everyone,


I'm glad we're setting this up again, just added myself to the Wiki header, I can go after Anibal for old times sake.



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On Mon, 9 Nov 2020 at 09:30, Saul Wold <Saul.Wold@...> wrote:

On 11/9/20 7:15 AM, Leonardo Sandoval wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Nov 2020 at 12:27, Ross Burton <ross@...
> <mailto:ross@...>> wrote:
>     On Fri, 6 Nov 2020 at 17:18, Richard Purdie
>     <richard.purdie@...
>     <mailto:richard.purdie@...>> wrote:
>      > If anyone would like to volunteer to start this next week, that would
>      > be great although I appreciate its short notice.
>     As an "old hand" (less of the 'old', thanks, I prefer 'learned') I
>     volunteer to take the first week.  I know the process well, will
>     happily tweak it as needed, and will update the wiki where appropriate
>     to ensure that the process is well documented.  After that first
>     shakedown week we can start the rotation: any takers?
> Hi Ross, Richard and team!
> I have included my name in the members section. I can start anytime
> starting next week. Although I was part of the swat team some years ago
> (at Intel), I need to refresh many things but I can work on this during
> this week.
Same here, I will let Leo go after Ross to help shake things out for us


Hi all, I can go after Sau,





> After three years, I am happy to come back to the YP!


> lsg
>     Ross


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