Autobuilder reproducibility target changes

Richard Purdie

Regular users of the autobuilder will note that I've split the
reproducible builds test out of the main oe-selftest build and into its
own target build. This is because that test tends to run for a lot
longer time period and it helps to see the result separately.

I've only done this for master. If gatesgarth and dunfell want to
follow, that should be straight forward with a change to the branch in
autobuilder-helper. Obviously we should ensure this is working ok with
master first but so far so good.

It has already highlighted the difference between a successful run:
(took 3-4 hours)

and failing two failing runs:
(took 9 hours)

the time difference being the system trying to run diffoscope on vim-
common :/.

I'm aware I removed some recipes from the exclusions list after seeing
multiple passing builds for all distros and we're now seeing test
failures. My mistake was not waiting for the date to change and for
builds to run on an autobuilder worker with a different umask.

Meson is failing with a pyc file mismatch which diffoscope can't decode
and despite trying for 5 hours, diffoscope hasn't given any data on why
vim-common differs. I should have fixes in for quilt, valgrind, kernel-
devsrc and cwautomacros. The umask fix may fix other issues too. Alex
has improved the reporting so we can spot cases where exclusion is now
longer needed.



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