Re: meta-aws warnings: SRCREV_FORMAT variable must be set when multiple SCMs are used

Jan Simon Moeller

So the main error is:
aws-c-auth-0.6.1-r0 do_packagedata_setscene: ExpansionError('SRCPV',
'${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)}', FetchError('The SRCREV_FORMAT variable
must be set when multiple SCMs are used.\nThe SCMs

Let's try to dissect:

The SRCREV_FORMAT variable must be set when multiple SCMs are used.
The SCMs are:

I read this like:
- we're using two git:// url's in the SRC_URI
- bitbake needs one single hash value for SRCREV for the recipe to be 'uniq'
- we cannot decide what to use as SRCREV based on this SRC_URI (with
multiple git:// entries)

I found in meta-arm:
SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https;name=tfa"
# Use TF-A for version
# ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !!!!!!!! tfa = name from above
# TF-A v2.1
SRCREV_tfa = "e1286bdb968ee74fc52f96cf303a4218e1ae2950"
# mbed TLS source
# Those are used in if TFA_MBEDTLS is set to 1
SRCREV_mbedtls =

So to apply this to meta-aws, you'd have to pick one which should be
the canonical SRCREV of the two for this recipe.
E.g. (untested) :
TAG ?= "v${PV}"
TAG_COMMON ?= "v0.6.8"
SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https;branch=${BRANCH};tag=${TAG_COMMON};destsuffix=${S}/aws-c-common;name=common
S= "${WORKDIR}/git"
BRANCH ?= "main"
# _____________________
# ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

But the main question here is: why do you need aws-c-common in SRC_URI
? . aws-c-common has its own recipe, so if it installs the headers
properly it can be in DEPENDS and will be pulled automagically.

The optimization wrt tag and network / offline that Denis mentioned is
important imho as well ! It is really better to use a SRCREV. But yes,
it might affect workflow and means bumping SRCREV's.

a) If possible make aws-c-common a DEPENDS in the auth recipe
b) if above does not work, try SRCREV_FORMAT = "auth" (other recipes likewise)
c) tag should be optimized to a SRCREV to avoid the enforced network fetch


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On Thu, Feb 3, 2022 at 3:12 PM Alexandre Belloni via
<> wrote:

On 03/02/2022 14:02:54+0000, elberger via wrote:
The choice to use tags is a deliberate one.

For all AWS repos that meta-aws builds recipes we use release tagging to align with a specific release. While tags can move (aka the old school CVS floating label practice which is very frowned upon except for noting "stable") they do not for these repos. Of course, there is the exception when a release is about to be made and a late breaking change must be added to the release. Then the tag shifts to meet that demand. This happens very rarely and is not a contributor to the general concern of repo maintainers implementing the floating tag/label practice and the recipe using that tag.

Further, I don't think such a check in yocto-check-layer is appropriate. Rather, if a recipe author knows that a specific CM practice is in place for particular repos then have the opportunity to tell the various stages "don't check, I know what I'm doing". If YP/OE really is against using the tag mechanism then I suggest we deprecate it. I have found it very nice for maintainership when we know exactly how the development team handles the CM.
The main drawback is that then you are not able to build with
BB_NO_NETWORK = 1 and so there is no way to ensure you have locally all
the code you need to reproduce the build in case Amazon gets out of
business one day ;)

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On Wed, Feb 02, 2022 at 11:04:57PM +0000, Richard Purdie wrote:
On Wed, 2022-02-02 at 23:54 +0100, Alexandre Belloni via
On 02/02/2022 22:24:26+0000, Glimsdale, Nathan wrote:
I see this intermittently when building "aws-c-iot" directly. 3 of
5 attempts so far. The network restriction is also affected some
of the dependencies consistently.
Ah, interesting. Will you be tracking that on your side or should I
open a bug on
I did just have a look at the aws-c-iot recipes:

and I notice they use git urls with tags.

This does not do what people expect since bitbake resolves the tag
each time over the network since people can change the tags (and do!).
I suspect that is why it is this recipe which is failing.
Ouch, no SRCREVs?

I'm guessing we need to extend yocto-check-layer with another test? :)


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