Autobuilder pending failures

Richard Purdie

The autobuilder doesn't stop running over the holidays so I'm going to
list the failures I haven't been able to log/handle (and I'll probably
reply to this to add new ones if I spot them):

initramfs-boot reproducibility failure:

qemuppc-alt ping timeout:

intermittent arm ptest failures:
(the exact ones change a bit each run but we really need open bugs for
each one so that someone can ultimately investigate and fix them)

qemumips64 shutdown backtrace:

If anyone does have some time to file/update bugs or investigate any of
the above please feel free and reply to the email. If not, we'll get to
things in January unless I get bored!

master-next also have something toxic to oe-selftest in it which I've
yet to track down. I plan to keep -next running at a slower pace just
to keep on top of incoming patches as not everywhere is on holiday
right now.



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