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Ross Burton <ross@...>

Hi Oleksiy,

On Tue, 15 Dec 2020 at 17:09, Oleksiy Obitotskyy via <>
We have plans to participate in yocto swat team from Cisco (Oleksiy Obitotskyy oobitots@... & Valerii Chernous vchernou@...). Could you provide more information about process (in addition to wiki
I wrote that wiki page but am very aware that explaining something to
yourself is not the same as to someone else, so I'll expand the page
after this to make it clearer.

Here is what we have regarding yocto swat:
- we could monitor build status with console or by mail list. It's ok we have mail list or console and we could get error logs and some meta information about build like branch/reason, etc.
Yes, currently my preferred method is with the yocto-builds mailing
list, as the failure mails now include the build notes (comments from
the person starting the build), and links to the error reporting
service, the build log, and so on.

- criteria what to do with failed build is quite unclear for now. master and master-next branches is ok - we have to file bugs and or report to mail lists (?).
You're the second to not understand this so this obviously needs to be

The release branches (gatesgarth, dunfell, etc) and master are
critical. Any failure should be in bugzilla, either a new bug or
identifying an existing bug.

The other branches the policy is a little more fluid. master-next
should be monitored by Swat with discussion with RP. I believe Steve
does build monitoring himself with stable/dunfell so those can be left
to him. Other branches, the build starter should leave a comment in
the build notes: if I've started a build to exercise a patchset then
I'll often just put "SWAT: ignore" to say that Swat should ignore any
errors as I'll handle them myself.

I'm looking into how to have this information encoded into the build
directly so we can make it clear in the build failure mail.

- after pre-triage we should write something to buildlog wiki - this step is unclear;
Yes. Every failure in the build log should have a comment from Swat
about what the problem was. A link to a bug, or a note that a mail was
sent. Just something so that the build owner can look at the log and
see what happened.

- we have no access to bug tracker and wiki account, but already have access to swat/yocto-builds/yocto-main mail list.
Requesting accounts on both of those should be simple enough. If
you're having problems (the wiki is definitely
request-and-wait-for-approval) then contact Michael Halstead.

It would be nice to have some workflow example like:
- we got bug during build;
- decided on some criterion that we have to:
- send report (to what mail lists?);
- file bug (with some template/tags);
- or just ignore it.
- other steps.
Good idea. I shall update the wiki page today.

If anything else is unclear feel free to ask.


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