Re: SWAT statistics for week 19

Alexandre Belloni


On 25/05/2021 19:33:53-0400, Randy MacLeod wrote:
On 2021-05-18 6:26 p.m., Alexandre Belloni wrote:

On 18/05/2021 23:21:53+0100, Ross Burton wrote:
Quick idea for swatbot: a top ten list of open bugs which have the
highest number of instances.
I'm maintaining a spreadsheet that goes a bit beyond that. I'm also
tracking the frequency of the bugs in the last months and we started to
close few of the older AB-INT issues. I'll share that publicly soon.
Hi Alexandre,

Any update on the list/spreadsheet?
Ah sorry, I forgot to send it. It is up to date with what was triaged
last week:

Tony is getting going on valgrind and he'll start with:

   [Bug 14294] valgrind memcheck/tests/linux/timerfd-syscall ptest
intermittent failure

unless there's another ptest issue that is more urgent.
This is probably the best one to start with, the following one would be
14311 which has more occurrences but is about multiple (related) ptests.


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