[PATCH] kernel-module-*: Do not set PACKAGE_ARCH to something less specific By Mike Looijmans ·
[PATCH] meta-xilinx-bsp: README*: Update to latest yocto docs link By Yi Fan Yu ·
[PATCH] meta-xilinx-tools: change "CLOSED" license to "MIT" 3 messages By ·
Unable to build bootable kernel for MicroBlaze using gatesgarth 9 messages By Daniel Mack ·
[PATCH] [meta-xilinx-tools] fpgamanager: replace /lib with ${nonarch_base_libdir} 3 messages By Ricardo Salveti ·
meta-xilinx-pynq for ZCU102 2 messages By Emily ·
Building gdb for 64bit microblaze 4 messages By Christoph Seitz ·
provides virtual/boot-bin 6 messages By Emily ·
[master][gatesgarth] [PATCH] [u-boot-zynq-scr] Fix root path to indicate the proper partition. 2 messages By Adrian ·
Is Xilinx working on a [dunfell] branch? 10 messages By Scott Ellis ·
Work-In-Progress restructure 9 messages By Mark Hatle ·
[gatesgarth] ZCU102 kernel crashes on the board, not in QEMU 6 messages By Leon Woestenberg ·
u-boot: CONFIG_PMUFW_INIT_FILE does not propagate into build/.config By Leon Woestenberg ·
Petalinux Build Support 5 messages By Prem Harikrishnan ·
[PATCH] Remove unused and unparsable recipe By Mike Looijmans ·
Private: Re: [meta-xilinx] Not able to build a simple image for a ZCU104 19 messages By David Roman ·
Not able to build a simple image for a ZCU104 9 messages By javier.carrasco.cruz@... ·
Clarification of meta-xilinx/meta-xilinx-tool branching strategy 2 messages By Peter Smith ·
[meta-xilinx upstream-master][PATCH] libmali-xlnx: install packages only when related DISTRO_FEATURES are selected By ·
standalone /gcc-10/additional-microblaze-multilibs.patch does not apply in gatesgarth 3 messages By Leon Woestenberg ·
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