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On 12/04/2012 11:20 PM, Saul Wold wrote:
On 12/04/2012 01:43 PM, David Nyström wrote:

Yes, of course. Let's add a *-minimal package configs,
if none are set, we'll let it autodetect + add full dependencies
Won't using autodetect cause inconsistencies depending on how the image
gets built,
Yes, if by inconsistencies you mean that binary package will differ depending on sysroot content, i.e. DEPENDS.

it will also lead to a lot larger dependency requirement.
Not nessecarily, since DEPENDS might be dynamically added with PACKAGECONFIG variables. But I understand what you are aiming at here.

I know it's better to have a known list of what's in and what's out.
Autoconf has caused inconsistencies in the past, when options are not
I understand and agree, autodetect does wreak havoc on DEPEND/RDEPEND semantics, since some packages tries to autodetect RDEPENDS, which will have to be placed in DEPENDS to able to be properly autodetected.

I suspect regressions are also caught in buildtime when having it either on or off, rather than having autoconf errors detected in runtime. I'll adjust accordingly.

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Is it OK for you if I set it to auto detect by default? , this would
a local.conf addition to optimize for footprint.
I'm guessing package config selects cannot be set from an image file,
I'll give that a try tomorrow.


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XenAPI is used by XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform. There is currently
no underlying metadata support for these packages, so this should be

I do, in fact have binary size constraints. I see where you are going
with this, but would it be possible instead to add a "detect" or "all"
to PACKAGECONFIG? I suppose an alternative would be to add "*-minimal"
to PACKAGECONFIG which tweak the configure to create minimal build


On 12/04/2012 09:03 AM, David Nyström wrote:
I have some issues with how PACKAGECONFIG works, do you guys mind if I
disable all --without functionality in PACKAGECONFIG, and let libvirt
./configure autodetect dependencies ?
This will result in a bigger libvirt binary, and
libnl, netcf, augeas, polkit dependencies being mandatory for all
users of libvirt, unless explicitly disabled by the "xen" PACKAGECONFIG.

Does anyone have any binary size constraints ?


On 12/04/2012 04:49 PM, Prica, Mihai wrote:


The error is because configure is called with the --with-xenapi
option. I think there is a bug in the recipe at the
PACKAGECONFIG[xen] line. It should be --without-xenapi instead of the
first --with-xenapi. I don't know exactly what xenapi does, Raymond
can give you more details here.

Try to change this and see if it works.


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Hi All,

When trying to upgrade to libvirt-1.0, I'm getting some strange errors.
How could this pass with the old libvirt I dont know.

Is the XenAPI driver something you explicitly build and use ?

checking for xen_vm_start in -lxenserver... no
configure: error: You must install the XenServer Library to compile
XenAPI driver with -lxenserver Configure failed. The contents of all
config.log files follows to aid debugging

This file contains any messages produced by compilers while running
configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

It was created by libvirt configure 1.0.0, which was generated by GNU
Autoconf 2.69. Invocation command line was


--build=x86_64-linux --host=x86_64-poky-linux
--target=x86_64-poky-linux --prefix=/usr --exec_prefi x=/usr
--bindir=/usr/bin --sbindir=/usr/sbin --libexecdir=/usr/libexec
--datadir=/usr/share --sysconfdir=/etc --sharedstatedir=/com
--localstatedir=/var --libdir=/usr/lib --includedir=/usr/incl ude
--oldincludedir=/usr/include --infodir=/usr/share/info
--mandir=/usr/share/man --disable-silent-rules
/qemux86-64 --with-python=yes

--enable-nls --without-hyperv --with-remote --without-openvz
--without- phyp --without-augeas --with-xen --with-xenapi
--with-xen-inotify --with-macvtap=no --without-esx --without-vbox
--without-polkit --without-lxc --without-uml --with-test=yes
--with-libvirtd --without-qemu --without-yajl --without-vmware

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