Re: [PATCH] libvirt: skip buildpath QA check for libvirt-python-dbg

Bruce Ashfield


I had also tried to fix this in December, but couldn't come up
with anything better than ignoring the warning.


In message: [meta-virtualization][PATCH] libvirt: skip buildpath QA check for libvirt-python-dbg
on 20/01/2023 Xiangyu Chen wrote:

From: Xiangyu Chen <xiangyu.chen@...>

The /usr/lib64/python3.11/site-packages/.debug/libvirtmod_lxc*.so
libraries with build path embedded, and the doesn't respect
our CFLAGS with -ffile-prefix-map argument, so try to skip the
libvirt-python-dbg buildpath check until that solved.

Signed-off-by: Xiangyu Chen <xiangyu.chen@...>
recipes-extended/libvirt/ | 3 +++
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/recipes-extended/libvirt/ b/recipes-extended/libvirt/
index 6e2c367..772decb 100644
--- a/recipes-extended/libvirt/
+++ b/recipes-extended/libvirt/
@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@ FILES:${PN}-python-dev += "${PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR}/*.la"
FILES:${PN}-python-dbg += "${PYTHON_SITEPACKAGES_DIR}/.debug/"
FILES:${PN}-python = "${bindir}/* ${libdir}/* ${libdir}/${PYTHON_DIR}/*"

+# Currently the libvirt-python debug libraries contain buildpaths
+INSANE_SKIP:${PN}-dbg += "buildpaths"
SRC_URI += "${PV}.tar.gz;name=libvirt_python"

SRC_URI[libvirt_python.sha256sum] = "a21ecfab6d29ac1bdd1bfd4aa3ef58447f9f70919aefecd03774613f65914e43"

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