Docker and GPLv3

Mans Zigher


A client of mine wants to have docker on it's product and they are
having secure boot enabled which prevents us from having any GPLv3
licensed code on the target. We have successfully managed to add
docker to the target but we noticed that several packages have also
been added that is GPLv3

bash, gmp, gzip, libidn, libunistring, nettle, rsync, tar, wget

1. Does docker have a strict dependency to GPLv3 code?
2. For some reason that I don't understand, docker seems to pull in
LXC which in turn will pull in many of the packages. Is Docker using
LXC? I thought docker was replacing LXC doing the same thing as LXC.
3. Do you have any suggestions on how to have container support and
not pull in GPLv3 code? Is Docker moby an alternative?

Måns Zigher

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