Re: Building crun does not feth everything in do_fetch #meta-virtualization

Bruce Ashfield

On Wed, Oct 13, 2021 at 10:18 AM Marc Wiz <mwyocto@...> wrote:

I recently discovered a couple of issues with building crun.

The first issue is when using a proxy to download source. crun depends on libocispec which is a git sub-module. The proxy environment variables are apparently not passed or recognized by the git sub-module code . The fix is to add the proxy configuration into the git configuration.

The real issue IMHO is that crun depends on libocispec which depends on yajl. Yajl is not downloaded until the compile task for crun is executed. This breaks offline builds.

So I am wondering what the best way is to address this? It seems to me that the Makefiles for libocispec and yajl would need to be modified and the recipe for crun would need to be modified to fetch the dependencies.
All of those dependencies are already specified in the recipe, and in
any integration/build testing that I've done, they are all picked up

libocispec is directly specified in the SRC_URI and placed where crun
will look for it, so that happens in the fetch task.

yajl is specified in DEPENDS, so it will be in place in the recipe
sysroot before compilation starts. You get a build error without
yajl, so it is properly in place for the builds that I'm doing.



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