[Bug] qemux86-64 restart hangs

Xu, Yanfei


I tried to fill this bug in yocto bugzila, but the website can't create new count now. So I report it here.

The result of this bug: qemu machine reboot hangs.

reproduce steps:
1) create a basic qemux86-64 project
2) boot it and login
3) execute "reboot" command.

You will notice that the machine don't restart, and hang, log as blow:

[ 113.813363] systemd-shutdown[1]: All loop devices detached.
[ 113.813844] systemd-shutdown[1]: Stopping MD devices.
[ 113.816245] systemd-shutdown[1]: All MD devices stopped.
[ 113.816687] systemd-shutdown[1]: Detaching DM devices.
[ 113.819166] systemd-shutdown[1]: All DM devices detached.
[ 113.819733] systemd-shutdown[1]: All filesystems, swaps, loop devices, MD devices and DM devices detached.
[ 114.096437] systemd-shutdown[1]: Syncing filesystems and block devices.
[ 114.102780] systemd-shutdown[1]: Rebooting.
[ 114.122488] reboot: Restarting system
[ 114.122937] reboot: machine restart


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