Re: [PATCH v5] Adding k3s recipe


On 3/14/21 2:30 AM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 9:14 AM Joakim Roubert <joakim.roubert@...> wrote:
On 2020-11-12 08:04, Lance Yang wrote:
I started k3s server without agent and confirmed the node is ready. Then
I copied the node_token and then ran k3s agent with that token and
specified the server url.
Did you do this on the same device?
I always run the k3s master on one device and the k3s agents on other
machines (and thought that was how it is supposed to work).

FYI: after literally 5 months of on and off (most off) debugging and
integration, I have finally gotten to the bottom of this, and now can
bring up my all in one node out of the box!

bravo kube-edge next, or starlingx simplex aio ---- meta-stx

which combines k8s and openstack into a single platform

which i thought would be the ultimate goal for OverC :)

just thinking to myself outloud...

I can now pull k3s into lots of little bits and am confident that I
can support it, given my recent findings and debug.

I'm cleaning up changes, and will push a fully updated k3s to
meta-virt master in the coming week.





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