Re: [dunfell][PATCH] u-boot-ti: Use SRCREV to get short commit ID

Devarsh Thakkar

On 20/04/22 05:04, Nishanth Menon wrote:
On 21:17-20220419, Devarsh Thakkar wrote:
Due to recent security update in git, we are
not able to fetch revision currently using existing method:

So instead, use the SRCREV to parse the short commit ID
and set the UBOOT_LOCALVERSION variable.

Signed-off-by: Devarsh Thakkar <devarsht@...>
recipes-bsp/u-boot/ | 10 +---------
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/recipes-bsp/u-boot/ b/recipes-bsp/u-boot/
index 231b7647..cc775e2e 100644
--- a/recipes-bsp/u-boot/
+++ b/recipes-bsp/u-boot/
@@ -1,14 +1,6 @@
# UBOOT_LOCALVERSION can be set to add a tag to the end of the
# U-boot version string. such as the commit id
-def get_git_revision(p):
- import subprocess
- try:
- return subprocess.Popen("git rev-parse HEAD 2>/dev/null ", cwd=p, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, universal_newlines=True).communicate()[0].rstrip()
I see a similar logic in
recipes-kernel/linux/ as well.

Considering similar problem

was wondering as to what might be a better way to solve this?

There is also git rev-parse HEAD instances in oe-core as well and
bitbake(lib/layerindexlib/ as well.

I wonder since we know cwd=p, could we use that to set
(which if my understanding is right, came in around v1.5.5.1-319-g0454dd93bfb2)

OR maybe just set it to the base conf similar to what was done on
master oe-core/meta/conf/bitbake.conf (commit
02ecf3e2a98a614805f6f2574c2bf14162192d01 "bitbake.conf: Prevent git from
detecting parent repo in recipe")?

I am not sure if we should considering just side stepping this issue via
just not using the git to get the version string.. just my 2 cents.
My top level understanding was the security update was suggesting to avoid

doing what we were doing already i.e. calling git from

a sub-process through a recipe due to security concerns and so avoided
using git

and also I think below change also achieves same what was achieved
before with SRCREV, I have

similar fix on the kernel bb too which was failing with same error.

- except OSError:
- return None
-UBOOT_LOCALVERSION = "-g${@get_git_revision('${S}').__str__()[:10]}"
+UBOOT_LOCALVERSION = "-g${@d.getVar("SRCREV", False).__str__()[:10]}"


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