Re: ROOT LOGIN ISSUE of K2g (Yocto- meta-TI (version : ROCKO))

Nishanth Menon

On 22:46-20210912, asif.malek@... wrote:

I have used meta-ti layer (Version :Rocko ) to generate core-image-minimal for my 66ak2g12 board from TI. I’m able to boot up my board properly  but after booting up  not able to login.

I’ve tried “root” or blank password but still it’s throwing wrong password.

When I’m using “root” as a user then it throws “can’t set root user”.

In local.conf  the variable is as default,

EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES?= “debug-tweaks”
[1] I'd be guessing, but = instead of ?=

Can you please help me to resolve this issue. Please refer the log also.

“k2g-evm login: root

login: can't set
^^ weird "can't set" message..

Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 3.3+snapshot-f2728d3ec8c0589e02e9a3ce7cf8aca902cae0a3 k2g-evm /dev/ttyS0 “
meta-ti does'nt set the password for poky.


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