Re: [EXTERNAL] [meta-ti][dunfell/master][PATCH] ti-rtos-firmware: update the source to ti-linux-firmware

Vignesh Raghavendra

On 7/16/21 2:03 AM, Yogesh Siraswar via wrote:
This is temporary change to pick the firmware from
ti-linux-firmware repos:
ti-eth is @ -> how is that taken care of?

1) Using the ti-sci-fw to pick the latest firmware and support AUTOREV
I thought we did not do AUTOREV on master branch in order for builds to
be reproducible?

2) Kept the destination folder name same to avoid wide-spead changes to
other recipes. Since that will be changed as part of over-all clean-up

1) Re-structure rtos firmware repo and update all dependent firmware recipes.
2) Fix the destination folder name to match src folder

Signed-off-by: Yogesh Siraswar <yogeshs@...>

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