u-boot-fslc 2022.10 failed with exit code '137' (using too much memory) 5 messages #yocto #kirkstone #meta-freescale #u-boot By Livius ·
[meta-qoriq] qoriq-atf has at least two problems in master branch... 2 messages By Bob Cochran ·
Charger / Battery detection 2 messages By Andy Pont ·
imx8qxp-mek-dom0.dtb - No rule to make target 'arch/arm64/boot/dts/freescale/imx8qxp-mek-dom0.dtb' 4 messages #meta-freescale #imx8qxp By Peter ·
PCIe kernel crash using fsl-community-bsp-platform kirkstone on imx8qm-mek 2 messages By alfredomantillajobs@... ·
sdma-imx51.bin. Where? 4 messages By Mauro Ziliani ·
NXP BSP release LF5.15.52_2.1.0 4 messages By Max Krummenacher ·
u-boot-fslc and CONFIG_IMX_VIDEO_SKIP (imx51) 3 messages By Mauro Ziliani ·
[PATCH] qt4-imx-support: fix build for imxgpu2d SOCs 9 messages By Mauro ·
linux-imx 5.10 on kirkstone 2 messages #kirkstone By Ettore Chimenti ·
fsl-dynamic-packageearch.bbclass improvement for MULTILIB support 2 messages By Deroire, Guillaume ·
Your patch: "recipes-bsp: drop custom deploy location for TF-A binary" By Andrey Zhizhikin ·
[meta-qoriq][RESEND PATCH 1/2] lxc: Move to dynamic-layers 4 messages By Sean Anderson ·
Yocto browser require low memory footprints 3 messages #yocto #meta-freescale By yogeshbsa89@... ·
Comunity vs i.MX 3 messages #yocto By Константин Еременок ·
imx8mq no hdmi when booted from SD card By Marek Belisko ·
u-boot and devtool 3 messages By Mauro Ziliani ·
imx51evk and u-boot 6 messages By Mauro Ziliani ·
restool: build error By leimaohui ·
libfdt_wrap.c:154:11: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory By Michael Glembotzki ·
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