perf with OpenCSD on Yocto Zeus - reg.

Daniel Selvan <daniel.selvan@...>

Greetings for the day!
    I've been trying to integrate Open CoreSight Decoding (OpenCSD) Library on a yocto Zeus build for i.MX 8M Quad processor. However, the OpenCSD is removed from the perf recipe in the iMX BSP (Zeus branch) which is present in the Master.

    I've raised this already in NXP Community - perf with OpenCSD on i.MX 8MM and guided here. So I would like to know,
  1. Is the OpenCSD for perf backported to Zeus branch yet?
  2. Is OpenCSD known to work on Zeus?
  3. How can I port OpenCSD to zeus, if it's not ported yet?
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Daniel Selvan D.


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