iMX6 imx vpu video processing hardware status

Terry Barnaby

I am trying to build a Yocto image for a Wandboard WB-IMX6U-BW using the dunfell code.

The default build with "MACHINE ??= 'wandboard', DISTRO ?= 'fslc-x11', and bitbake fsl-image-multimedia-full" builds and runs fine (after latest uboot is used).

However this does not appear to have the "gstreamer1.0-plugins-imx" and the lower level imx vdu components needed for hardware video processing.

I have been trying many things to try and build a system with this support, but I am going around in circles and not getting anywhere. I have tried the route of setting IMX_DEFAULT_BSP="nxp" and trying to use the linux-fslc-imx kernel etc, but am playing in the dark.

1. Can someone tell me the current state of using the IMX6DL video processing hardware (vpu etc.) with Yocto dunfell ?

2. How should I approach creating a suitable release that would support the video processing hardware, for example which BSP and which kernel (linux-fslc-imx, linux0imx, linux-fslc ?) for a Wandboard ?