Cannot bind OpenGlES 3.2 on IMX6D

Federico Giovanardi

I'm running an IMX6D board with yocto-zeus and linux-imx 4.14 but I'm unable to bind the opengl api at version 3.2.
driver is vivante V6.2.4.p4.190076 Vivante GC2000 and the changelog attached to the commit says that
opengl es 3.2 should be fully supported on driver 6.x

In successfully able to bind the 3.0 api but not the 3.1 and neither the 3.2.  The application is compiled with -DLINUX -DEGL_API_FB -D_REENTRANT
and   -lGAL -lEGL -lGLESv2 because I haven't found any libGLESv3 in the receipe (only the headers).