DP firmware for imx8mq

Marek Belisko


I'm using meta-freescale for my custom board and I have an issue with
DisplayPort. I've flashed imx-boot with dp signed firmware + added dts
changes but during boot I see in log:

dmesg | grep dp
[ 0.095997] No USDPAA memory, no 'fsl,usdpaa-mem' in device-tree
[ 0.108521] RPC: Registered udp transport module.
[ 1.266475] fsl_dpa: FSL DPAA Ethernet driver
[ 1.556360] mxc-mipi-csi2_yav 30b60000.mipi_csi: Remote device at
endpoint@0 XXX found
[ 1.765353] fsl-usdpaa: no region found
[ 2.478562] cdns-mhdp-imx 32c00000.hdmi: lane-mapping 0xc6
[ 2.491317] [drm:__cdns_dp_probe] ERROR NO dp FW running
[ 2.496853] imx-dcss 32e00000.display-controller: failed to bind
32c00000.hdmi (ops cdns_mhdp_imx_ops): -6
[ 5.172328] systemd[1]: Starting udev Coldplug all Devices...

I'm using the dunfell release. Do I need to use some other firmware or
am I missing something? My CPU is imx8mq.

Thanks and BR,