Which recipe u-boot-fslc-fw-utils or u-boot-fw-utils to install u-boot-fw-utils package for iMX6ULL?



I want to use fw_printenv/setenv utilities on iMX6ULL Linux, the
u-boot version is different between meta-freescale and oe-core,
meta-freescale uses u-boot-imx_2018.03.bb and
u-boot-fslc-fw-utils_2019.07.bb, the oe-core uses u-boot_2019.07.bb
and u-boot-fw-utils_2019.07.bb. I think I need to use meta-freescale
not oe-core, but if I add u-boot-fslc-fw-utils to my package build, it
got many errors, is it a right recipe name for the u-boot-fw-utils

Thank you.

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