Re: Patches due to bitbake changes

Gary Thomas <samoht.yrag@...>

On 2013-12-06 10:23, Dan McGregor wrote:
As of bitbake revision a9112a102a89049cda597dad449e922c9e957a5d the git fetcher checks for the SRCREV in the branch given to the fetcher. That is master by default. These three
recipes didn't specify the branch containing the SRCREV, so the fetcher failed even though the revision exists. These patches fix that for linux-wandboard in meta-fsl-arm-extra,
and for u-boot-fslc in meta-fsl-arm.

Similar problems probably exist in other kernel and u-boot recipes, but since I only have a Wandboard, I didn't test those.
Why didn't you make the branch adjustable for u-boot-fslc? I for one
use that as well, but not the same branch/rev.

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