Re: How to configure eth0 on fslc-image-network-full-cmdline

Fabio Estevam

Hi Leo,

On Wed, Nov 17, 2021 at 7:40 PM Leo <Leo.E.Meza@...> wrote:


I'm using a wandboard (rev d1) and building the fslc-image-network-full-cmdline image (honister branch). I've got ethernet wired to a switch on my home network, but I cannot figure out how to setup this build to bring up eth0 via DHCP. Any help would be appreciated. Is this image supposed to bring up eth0 right out of the box?
There is a recent fix in 5.15.13 for Ethernet on wandboard

After applying this fix, I can confirm Ethernet is functional.

To get an IP address via DHCP:
udhcpc -i eth0

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