Re: fw_printenv works but fw_setenv does not after switching to linux-fslc-imx 5.10.69 from linux-fslc-imx 5.4.114

Peter Bergin

Hi Brian,

On 2021-11-08 13:55, Brian Hutchinson wrote:
It does not.  It shows no signs of a problem, returns no errors or warnings at all.  It "looks" like it worked normal but does not change the u-boot environment variable.
libubootenv in hardknott seems to be 0.3.1. Looked in the libubootenv repo and found this commit that is added after which indicates that it could be silent failure of fw_setenv. I don't have a clue if this helps but just to help you with ideas one thing could be to test this and see if the function libuboot_set_env returns error code or not.

Can you write to the memory with some other application than fw_setenv? Just to make sure it is possible to write to the NOR memory with the new kernel and avoid problems related to drivers, dtb etc.

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