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Andrey Zhizhikin

Hello Marek,

On Thu, Nov 4, 2021 at 8:24 AM Marek S?omiany <marekslomiany@...> wrote:

I'm working on new board based on imx8m mini and in my MACHINEOVERRIDES in when checking `bitbake -e` I have following list:
In machine config file I have following includes:
require conf/machine/include/
require conf/machine/include/
and the overrides config:
MACHINEOVERRIDES =. "mx8:mx8m:mx8mm:"
Even after removing the dot and trying to specify full list of overrides, I still get use-mainline-bsp on the list, and by that mx8, mx8m and mx8mm are being removed by `MACHINEOVERRIDES_EXTENDER_FILTER_OUT_use-mainline-bsp`
I have tried to grep through all meta layers I have but got no result.
I have following layers in my bblayers.conf:
What could be appending this use-mainline-bsp to my overrides?
This machine override is added based on the BSP flavor that the distro
layer sets. BSP flavor is defined as either "mainline" which consumes
only OSS components, or "nxp" which adds NXP proprietary components.

It is defined to "mainline" per default in [1], and every distro layer
can set it in order to define which components are required and which
BSP should be built. The definition of BSP flavor is also commented at
the link provided.

meta-freescale-distro layer provides both of BSP flavors, and if like
in you case this layer is not included - BSP flavor is defaulted to

Please note, that MACHINEOVERRIDES like "mx8:mx8m:mx8mm" are
NXP-specific ones, and if you're planning to use Mainline BSP - they
should not be defined explicitly.

Kind regards,

Link: [1]:


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