Re: #meta-freescale Broken linux-fslc/5.4-2.3.x-imx repo on hardknott branch #meta-freescale

Otavio Salvador

Hello Piotr,

Em ter., 10 de ago. de 2021 às 10:13, Piotr <piotr.piwko@...> escreveu:
I've take a look at the mainline linux tree and seems that the above commit is still not merged there. According to that, I think it will be better to revert 845620ec5d3b.
I didn't check what those two changes do but I believe it'd be better
to keep the of_get_mac_address working as this is the forked Linux
kernel of NXP. As it used to work on other 5.4 Linux kernels
preserving it seems to be a good approach except if cherry-pick
doesn't work.

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