Anyone have experience with adding op-tee to fsl-community-bsp for imx8mm?

Brian Hutchinson

It's been over a year now since I ran NXP's yocto release on imx8mm-evk but I believe that op-tee was included.  I now find myself needing to use our eMMC RPMB for key storage since our TPM modules have supply chain issues :(.

So I understand op-tee works with RPMB so looks like I probably need to move that direction and would like to know if anyone has done one of these setups before adding op-tee to fsl-community-bsp configured for RPMB.

What I'm really wanting to do is have an application filesystem that's encrypted and get key to mount/decrypt from RPMB.

I've not done any of this before so reading and watching videos trying to weed out noise from what's important which is fun when you don't know what you don't know.



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