Re: Update linux-fslc on hardknott branch

Andrey Zhizhikin

Hello Sam,

On Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 2:37 PM svdb <sam.van.den.berge@...> wrote:


Currently on hardknott branch in meta-freescale, linux-fslc points to
version 5.10.32. However latest 5.10 version in linux-fslc repo is
5.10.47. Would it be possible to update linux-fslc in meta-freescale on
hardknott branch?
This is on my TODO list, see

I'm pretty loaded now, but I'll see if I can bump up the version in
recipes somewhen next week.

I don't mind creating some patches myself. I guess I'll need to
cherrypick the necessary commits from master then?
Kernel tree already contains all stable updates, it is only about
updating the kernel recipes in the layer.



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