Re: Safe to upgrade to a Community BSP?

Val Kondratenko

.. will probably be going to mainline uboot as well.

Are there any similar things (like cpuidle moving from kernel to uboot), that I would have to worry about?

Thanks in advance,

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OK thanks.

Next question - does it have full support for imx7d?
Yes, imx7d is well supported in the mainline kernel.

I noticed (as I am attempting to apply patches we use), that /arch/arm/mach-imx/cpuidle-imx7d.c exists in the 5.4.X.imx version we are currently using, but is not present in 5.12. But mach-imx7d.c is.
Will I have to add files (via patches) to fully support imx7d?
cpuidle is supported via PSCI implementation in U-Boot.

I suggest you to use U-Boot mainline too.

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