Re: Safe to upgrade to a Community BSP?

Val Kondratenko

Just, also sent an e-mail in response to Otavio on this.
Thanks for quick responses!!!

Using imx7d:

I noticed (as I am attempting to apply patches we use), that /arch/arm/mach-imx/cpuidle-imx7d.c exists in the 5.4.X.imx version we are currently using, but is not present in 5.12. But mach-imx7d.c is.
Will I have to add files (via patches) to fully support imx7d vs. what we had in the freescale 5.4.X.imx release?

Thanks a ton,

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Hi Val,

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I recently got tasked with upgrading linux kernel (which we get from freescale), to fix some vulnerabilities.

I am new to this, with all engineers with previous experience in this area no longer with company.

To fix the vulnerabilities, will need to upgrade to kernel rev 5.12.

Noticed that only a community branch of this (5.12.x+fslc) is available. Latest freescale (imx) releases/branches are still at 5.4.

I do so, my organization has previously used on freescale/imx releases.

Is it generally safe to use the community releases? Have their problems with bugs/instabilities with them?
Yes, it is a good approach to move to a mainline kernel.

One important aspect to consider is what is the i.MX SoC that you are using.

imx28/imx5/imx6/imx7 have decent support in the upstream kernel.
imx8m/imx8mm are getting better.

imx8qxp has a minimum support upstream in 5.12.

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