Re: Need support for Playing video with QT Application with X11 Support on Rootfs created with Yocto Rocko version.

Andrey Zhizhikin

Hello Rohit,

On Sun, May 2, 2021 at 9:40 AM rohit jadhav <rohitbjadhav1@...> wrote:

I have crated rootfs with Yocto Rocko . I am running Qt application on it with X11 support.
Rocko branch is EOL since already 2,5 years, see

Not sure if there would be any advise or support provided here for
versions that are already pas their EOL.

Have you tried the same setup with either Dunfell or Master?

What I observed booting log :
RandR extension missing
matchbox: Cant find a keycode for keysym 269025056
matchbox: ignoring key shortcut XF86Calendar=!$contacts

matchbox: Cant find a keycode for keysym 2809
matchbox: ignoring key shortcut telephone=!$dates

matchbox: Cant find a keycode for keysym 269025050
matchbox: ignoring key shortcut XF86Start=!matchbox-remote -desktop

And main observation is new rootfs {created with Rocko}is not supporting video playing feature with qt app.
But old rootfs {created with Krogoth} was supporting Video playing.

Did Imissed any Package in rootfs ?
Please guide me for this Solution.

Note : for Both Rootfs I have same Packages mentioned in local.conf


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