Re: No u-boot-fslc-fw-utils recipe for Dunfell?

Peter Bergin

Hi Brian,

Reviving this issue again ... I noticed that I had to make my own fw_env.config file and copy it to etc. in a read/write rootfs for quick testing ... there is no fw_env.config sample provided by libubootenv that is placed in rootfs under /etc.  I'm now generating a squashfs can can't do that hack so need to do it in recipe and looking at the recipes ... not 100% sure how to go about it.  

But shouldn't libubootenv put a example fw_env.config in /etc?  I mean it won't work like it's supposed to without one.



it is quite useless for libubootenv (in oe-core) to put a general example in /etc as it is highly dependent of the target system and where u-boot environment is located. But in the BSP-layer(s) it could be good to have example files. There are in the meta-freescale-3rdparty for some boards already:

    meta-freescale-3rdparty$ find . -name fw_env.config

In u-boot there are around 10 options where to store the environment (EEPROM, ext4, FAT, flash memory, MMC......) and for some options eMMC for example there are several other options such as boot partition and address. This is a proof that it is best practice to create your own fw_env.config that fits your system and matches the u-boot configuration.

Still no fw_env.config in meta-freescale for the boards defined there. I don't know why. Probably it could be feasible with some defaults there. As there are default configs for u-boot I guess a fw_env.config could be shipped matching that. But on the other hand there are no example images in poky or meta-freescale* that includes libubootenv so that can be a reason.

Best regards,

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