Re: Want to use linux-fslc 5.10 with Dunfell

Peter Bergin


On 2021-03-04 21:49, Andrey Zhizhikin wrote:
The build is running now so I'll monitor it.  I'll report back after my 24 huskies are finished mushing out the image in about an hour.
No worries, keep us posted. An don't loose hope! :)

there is some strange issues with the build setup using repo manifest and I suspect the setup-environment script. When I built for Nano earlier today I did not use repo nor setup-environment. But I easily reproduced (I guess) the same issue as Brian sees only by using repo with master branch and setup-environment script. I also saw the strange thing that Brian noticed that after a horrible output from bitbake the second build in the same build dir succeeded. This is not related to boot-container so I will open a new fresh thread around this issue.

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