Re: Want to use linux-fslc 5.10 with Dunfell

Brian Hutchinson

On Tue, Mar 2, 2021 at 2:45 AM Peter Bergin <peter@...> wrote:
Hi Brian,

On 2021-03-01 20:59, Brian Hutchinson wrote:
> Can someone school me on how this works?  I guess I don't know or
> understand the relationship between linux-fslc and linux-fslc-imx
> recipies in meta-freescale/recipies-kernel/linux

you have a bit more info in this thread

And you can also read the information in the recipes about different
kernels their sources and how they are composed.



My view on this is that linux-fslc is mainline based and linux-fslc-imx
is NXP based.

Best regards,

Thanks Peter,

That helps a lot.  It was my intent to be using FSL kernel and turns out I've been using linux-fslc-imx thus far.  When I first started working on NXP SoC (switched from TI about a year ago) I was using NXP releases and discovered the hard way their new releases were mainly geared at new boards so that's when I switched to fslc.



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