Re: Error in xserver-xorg after "mesa: Limit OSMesa to DRM and remove swrast"

Peter Bergin

Hi Tom,

On 2021-01-29 17:55, Tom Hochstein wrote:
Hi Peter,

You are inconsistent in saying which DISTRO you are using. I'm not sure if fslc-xwayland is supposed to be compatible with NXP BSP. Are you having a problem wth fsl-xwayland as well?
sorry for the inconsistence. Yes, I see the exact same error in DISTRO=fsl-xwayland and DISTRO=fslc-xwayland (when using IMX_DEFAULT_BSP="nxp").

I found as reference. But I don't have knowledge here how this should be configured. I guess MESA does not support vivante driver and don't have configuration option for it. Then if some dri driver should be configured I guess it should be swrast, or should we remove dri from PACKAGECONFIG for mesa? How is mesa hw-accelerated and conected to vivante driver?

Best regards,

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