Error in xserver-xorg after "mesa: Limit OSMesa to DRM and remove swrast"

Peter Bergin


when using the commit 47394d05017483e7fd0cba5b927c76198bdfa062 (, set IMX_DEFAULT_BSP="nxp" and the distro fsl-xwayland-distro I see error of configuration of mesa. This is reproduces on latest master of meta-freescale.

This is the error I see in do_configure step of xserver-xorg:

    No package 'dri' found

The root cause of this is that dri.pc file is not produced and put in to sysroot by mesa. Mesa does not provide this as the configuration option '-Ddri-drivers' is empty. In the recipe it is set as:

    PACKAGECONFIG[dri] = "-Ddri-drivers=${@strip_comma('${DRIDRIVERS}')}, -Ddri-drivers='', xorgproto libdrm"

Before commit 47394d050 DRIDRIVERS was set to swrast but after the variable is empty. Can someone help out  with a way forward?

Steps to reproduce:

    $ MACHINE=imx8mp-evk DISTRO=fslc-xwayland EULA=1 . ./setup-environment build_imx8mp-evk
    $ echo "IMX_DEFAULT_BSP = 'nxp'" >> conf/auto.conf
    $ bitbake xserver-xorg -cconfigure

    Build Configuration:
    BB_VERSION           = "1.49.0"
    BUILD_SYS            = "x86_64-linux"
    NATIVELSBSTRING      = "ubuntu-20.10"
    TARGET_SYS           = "aarch64-fslc-linux"
    MACHINE              = "imx8mp-evk"
    DISTRO               = "fslc-xwayland"
    DISTRO_VERSION       = "3.3-snapshot-20210129"
    TUNE_FEATURES        = "aarch64 armv8a crc cortexa53 crypto"
    TARGET_FPU           = ""
    meta-poky            = "master:24e95b9a0b0610dd82aa85f0c0c6fb4f347bc3e9"
    meta-python          = "master:fd123c9bb2b86455ca2622b6b166243f7d582d94"
    meta-freescale       = "master:9a90b21cbe32231fee51c7f38e541b3be3aff6b3"
    meta-freescale-3rdparty = "master:d46200f43537083762dca518dc2ba7f20d15f44f"
    meta-freescale-distro = "master:e83f54d0b763826f076e8aed1fc16dbf5b2739e5"


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