Re: How to get firmware-imx for imx8mm evk into sdcard image? I'm getting firmware loading errors for sdma-imx7d.bin etc.

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Hello all,

Em qui., 8 de out. de 2020 às 06:10, Andrey Zhizhikin
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Please note: with this configuration you would get a kernel from NXP
(versioned 5.4.24). If you would like to utilize the NXP kernel with
latest stable patch level, you should switch
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_mx8mm = "linux-imx" to
PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_mx8mm = "linux-imx-fslc"
For all i.MX8 the fslc distributions use the NXP BSP by default so
using 'fslc-wayland' should work just fine.

You can see what distro features you have included when you do
'bitbake -e' and search for DISTRO_FEATURES. If you have (and
according to what you say - you do :) ) some pieces you do not need -
you can always either not include them in your custom distro, or use
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "<unneeded list>".

I've been doing TI based builds forever and recently switched over to NXP based products so still learning the lay of the land. I finally discovered I don't think I want to be building based off NXP releases from codeaurora and that Freescale is the better base for our products but not 100% clear what distro's are available and which ones I should focus on.

Those distros are located in a meta-freescale-distro layer, you can
peek there to see what's available.

I'll look. Thanks
For products we, at O.S. Systems, have been using our OEL[1]
distribution as a baseline where we create the product specific one.


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