Re: How to get firmware-imx for imx8mm evk into sdcard image? I'm getting firmware loading errors for sdma-imx7d.bin etc.

Andrey Zhizhikin

Hello Brian,

On Tue, Oct 6, 2020 at 9:51 PM Brian Hutchinson <b.hutchman@...> wrote:

... what "distro" 'should' I be using since I have a custom board that's based on imx8mm evk but I don't necessarily want/need wifi, bluetooth, video, touchscreen etc.???
I suggest you go with your own distro then, as you can leverage the
DISTRO_FEATURES in it yourself. You can either take any of 'fsl-'
prefixed distros over 'poky' if you need some NXP proprietary
components (e.g. VPU, GPU, etc), or take any of 'fslc-' prefixed ones
if you want to stay with mainline. Please note - I do not say that
'poky' would not work here! :) It is just a reference distro from
Yocto Project, which targets qemu on the first place, but also works
well for real HW.

This is the way we build our distro (derived from 'fsl-wayland'), and
so far it has proven to be working quite well. I also do sanity build
and run the 'fsl-wayland' off the master on imx8mmevk to make sure
there are no regressions.

Is poky what's causing my pain?
You can see what distro features you have included when you do
'bitbake -e' and search for DISTRO_FEATURES. If you have (and
according to what you say - you do :) ) some pieces you do not need -
you can always either not include them in your custom distro, or use
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "<unneeded list>".

I've been doing TI based builds forever and recently switched over to NXP based products so still learning the lay of the land. I finally discovered I don't think I want to be building based off NXP releases from codeaurora and that Freescale is the better base for our products but not 100% clear what distro's are available and which ones I should focus on.
Those distros are located in a meta-freescale-distro layer, you can
peek there to see what's available.




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