Re: OpenGL ES on i.MX8

Peter Bergin

Hi Andy,

On 2020-09-14 13:20, Andy Pont wrote:
Trying to find an equivalent configuration for the i.MX8m I am unable to find an equivalent method.  The Vivante user space libraries don’t seem to exist in a framebuffer or DRM form, instead they all seem to require Wayland or X11.

Can someone more knowledgeable than I confirm whether that is the case or whether I am missing something?

this is the statement from NXP ( As seen they do not actively support the framebuffer distro for i.Mx8 targets on their official BSP.

The recipe for vivante user space lib imx-gpu-viv also have a guard for mx8 that only builds it when wayland is enabled. (

I'm also interested in the same question as you are as I'm in a start up phase for a i.Mx8 project where we would like to run with OpenGL or Vulkan directly against DRM and avoid display manager. Would be great to hear someone from NXP give their picture of this. I have tried the NXP community but without any info so far. (

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