Imx6q: Mirror lvds and lcd on linux-fslc-imx

Wouter Vanhauwaert

I want to connect 2 identical FHD screens (timing-wise) to my imx6q board. One is LCD and the other one (dualchannel) LVDS. I only want to render content once (for perfomance) and output it on both. If I change the mxcfb0 from ldb to lcd and visa versa, it's working for the one configured, but not for both.
I thought it would be as simple as configuring the ldb bridge and setting the pinmuxes of the di0 pins correct, but that is clearly is not the case...
I'm using nxp implementation btw, not the mainline drivers.

Anyone knows?

(is there a mailinglist for kernel things only btw?)

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