how can I build u-boot and kernel image for mfgtools?

Cengiz Can <cengizc@...>


I have a custom board that has IMX6 Solo Automotive Grade SoC. I need
to bring it up with Automotive Grade Linux. (Using linux-fslc 4.20).

I have copied mx6sabreauto machine and renamed it to something else,
let's say `megatron`. (I'm not really sure this is absolutely
necessary but I've done every other board bring-up like that before.).

Can someone please answer those questions for me?

1) How can I create an updater u-boot that mfgtools can use to
bootstrap? So I can flash eMMC over USB etc. And initramfs?

When I show-recipes with "*mfgtool*" I get these results and I'm confused.

fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs: meta-freescale 1.0
linux-imx-mfgtool: meta-freescale 4.9.123 (skipped)
packagegroup-fsl-mfgtool: meta-freescale 1.0
u-boot-imx-mfgtool: meta-freescale 2017.03 (skipped)

2) How can I tag my custom machine to be COMPATIBLE with `linux-imx-mfgtool`?

linux-imx-mfgtool PROVIDES linux-mfgtool but was skipped:
incompatible with machine megatron (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)

3) u-boot-imx produces a SPL version of u-boot, because my board uses
default u-boot configuration of mx6sabreauto. Will this work with IMX6
Solo? If not, how can I disable SPL and make sure my BSP is aware of

These might be easy to answer but I've been struggling for days and I
would be extremely happy if someone knowledgeable can help me out.

Thank you.

Cengiz Can

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