Use u-boot-fslc for imx8mnevk

Peter Bergin


working with dunfell branch and I want to build image for i.Mx8M Nano EVK and using u-boot-fslc as bootloader.

I have this setup in my conf/auto.conf:

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-fslc-imx"

As I'm also building the linux-fslc-imx kernel I have 'IMX_DEFAULT_BSP = "nxp"' set. And with this setting the u-boot-fslc was incompatible with imx8mnevk machine. So here I'm a bit stuck. To come pass this I added a bbappend and made u-boot-fslc compatible with my machine. Is linux-fslc-imx+u-boot-fslc an unsupported config to use?

With u-boot-fslc enabled for my machine the build work as expected and the correct kernel and bootloader are built. But it fails at imx-boot that search for a dtb file that shall be present in tmp/deploy/images/imx8mnevk/imx-boot-tools. When using NXPs u-boot-imx this file is placed in that directory in do_deploy_append but this is not done for u-boot-fslc. Shall imx-boot and u-boor-fslc be used together or is it another way to package this when using u-boot-fslc?

Anyone having input in this? Is this a bug or do I need to change my config? Is this a tested configuration by someone or am I the first one trying this out?


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