Re: Error while trying to build a nitrogen8m image with yocto master

Carlos Rafael Giani

Thanks, that fixed it. I'll send a PR.

On 19.04.20 10:45, Andrey Zhizhikin wrote:

On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 10:33 AM Carlos Rafael Giani
<crg7475@...> wrote:
I tried to build a nitrogen8m image with the current master branches of
poky, meta-freescale, meta-freescale-3rdparty, and meta-openembedded.
However, I immediately got this error:

 > Error, the PACKAGE_ARCHS variable (all any noarch
${PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS_tune-cortexa53-crypto} nitrogen8m) for DEFAULTTUNE
(cortexa53-crypto) does not contain TUNE_PKGARCH
(${@bb.utils.contains('TUNE_FEATURES', 'aarch64', 'aarch64',
'${ARMPKGARCH_tune-cortexa53-crypto}' ,d)}).Toolchain tunings invalid:
 > Tuning 'cortexa53-crypto' has no defined features, and cannot be used.

This goes beyond my Yocto knowledge. Why are no features defined?
meta/conf/machine/include/ does define features.
It is that the nitrogen8m does not have that tune file included.
Instead, it uses a more generic
[conf/machine/include/arm/] tune file, which should be
replaced with the [/conf/machine/include/]. In fact,
all nitrogen8m* derivatives lacks this tune and uses generic.

You can replace the [require conf/machine/include/arm/]
with [require conf/machine/include/] for all
meta-freescale-3rdparty/conf/machine/nitrogen8m*.conf machines and
send a PR.

Has anybody else got this error?

I was successful with building an image for the imx8mmevk machine.


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