Re: linux-imx-headers and ioctl mismatches

Otavio Salvador

On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 3:43 PM Kevin Lannen <kevin@...> wrote:
I would be happy to help out some with moving linux-imx to the 5.4 kernel as we are very interested in using it. Is this planned to be in for the Dunfell branch when that is released?
It all depends how long it takes. Dunfell is an important release and as such we ought to try to have it using new components.
We need someone to help updating NXP components; I am focusing more on mainline BSP support since I've been doing this on our free time.
Is there a github issue or a list somewhere tracking what needs to be done for this?
No, even though we can open. Generally we need to update:

- linux-imx
- u-boot-imx
- headers
- gpu drivers
- media codecs
- gst

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