Re: Mainline 5.4 kernel with VPU acceleration on iMX6

Carlos Rafael Giani

etnaviv takes care of GPU support, which is related to scaling, but unrelated to video decoding - the latter one is handled by the CODA960 VPU.

For using etnaviv, just use glimagesink. For using the VPU, use the v4l2*dec elements.

On 05.04.20 01:31, Mark Farver wrote:

Does anyone know definitively if etnaviv/gstreamer has support for
accelerated h264 decoding/rescaling?  I can play video through both
the fbcondev and wayland sinks, but both consume a great deal of CPU,
and frame dropping gets pretty bad if I attempt to resize the video.

I need to know if I should continue pursuing etnaviv, or if it is a
dead end for now and I need to fall back to using the vivante driver.


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